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that’s what a true main character is." Seiji was rendered speechless. Those were the words that I told her." "Senpai, humble as always." "I wasn’t being humble at all, okay! Since I knew nothing about what was going on, of course I couldn’t promise that I could be of any help," Seiji stated the truth of the situation."And even if I knew what was going on… There are always going to be situations where I’m powerless." ‘No, Senpai, you’re a hero,’ Hoshi thought in his heart."Although you’re humble, gentle, and strong, you aren’t arrogant…Naturally, there were also those who tried to harass her for being different…

As for her classmates, some worked up the courage to talk to her, and others were instructed by the teacher to attempt to talk to her.You only show your true power when other people need your help.’ Compared to the superheroes in the movies, Senpai was much more like a true hero!"At any rate, if it’s something I can help with, I’ll do everything in my power." Seiji could make numerous comments on this situation.Hoshi could hear Seiji chuckling on the other end of the phone. I’m just as useless and ordinary as the male lead of a dating sim, so even if there are witches or holy maidens by my side, I won’t be able to do anything," Hoshi spoke as he gazed outside the window. You’re so gentle and strong, and you possess the power to save others… His energy level for that was depleted and currently recharging. "I’m no superhero, and I can’t promise that I can do anything…Her classmates could only believe that the accidents were… Shika Kagura was being protected by something divine or mystical. One of the female club members invited Shika rather forcefully because she always saw Shika reading in the library.