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(May 17) NTSB video, without audio, of Amtrak's derailment in Philadelphia.

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Based upon the Big Bang theory as well as the theory of evolution, most scientists (and therefore the general public) believe that the universe and the world are billions of years old.The Bay of Tadjoura cuts into the country from the Gulf of Aden.More than two-thirds of the territory traditionally belonged to Afar sultanates, and the remaining southern slice was controlled by Issa nomadic herders.Djibouti as a nation derives its identity from its strategic location and the economic importance of the port.A political crisis occurred with the 1991 armed rebellion of the Front for the Restoration of Unity and Democracy (FRUD), a largely Afar movement that conquered a major part of the country.This crisis pressured the government into opening the political system and holding multiparty elections in 1992.If the earth were thousands of years old, the results of these tests would have fit in perfectly.

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Shredding the samples would not solve the problem, while making it much more difficult and wasteful to clean the samples properly.

It only matters that you received the message that was meant for you.

We are not classically trained at seminary or other religious institution.

If one believes the story of Noah and applies that assumption to current scientific models, they do not conflict.

In many ways, Carbon Dating is another example of science demonstrating the literal truths found in the Bible.