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Even with Corden's debut week, Late Night with Seth Meyers still beat The Late Late Show in the ratings during the a.m.time slot, with Meyers continuing to dominate that slot on a weekly basis.In New Zealand the show began to air on state-owned broadcaster TVNZ's channel Duke at 7pm on weeknights, from March 20, 2016.

And while the long-believed rule that eating in the evening will lead to weight gain is a myth, consuming more daily calories than you burn will definitely make it harder to button those jeans.

It premiered on Network Ten's sister network Eleven on May 24, 2015, on a seven-day-a-week airing schedule to catch up with the current run through the northern hemisphere summer (by September and the start of the new American television season it had caught up and now airs on a day-delay with repeats at weekends); CBS holds a 1/3 stake in Eleven.

In France the show airs at pm every Monday to Friday on MCM.

In Finland, the show airs on Yle TV2 at 10 pm from Wednesday to Saturday, with 2 days delay compared to US broadcast.

It may seem like noshing on a small something is no big deal, but those calories really add up, especially if you're into spooning ice cream from the container or eating mindlessly out of the pretzel bag.