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Sitting on the floor for one period, day, week and month. Wall chairs (sitting as if on the chair without any one against the wall for half-an-hour to one hour), wall chairs plus a school bag on the head or thighs which cause more physical pain, running ten to twenty rounds around the school building or in the ground and sit-ups numbering hundreds are other range of punishments.

Normal range of punishments, which continue unabated, are caning, beating knuckles with stick or steel scale, kneeling down, standing on the bench and so on.

Without participation the discipline within him will not develop. You are teaching him that one should lie and also when and how and for what. Then explain the son why is opting to lie, why he should not lie otherwise etc. Almost all schools inflict corporal punishments on students for various reasons. Giving oral warnings and letters in the diary or calendar 12. It teaches them violence and revenge as solutions to problems and perpetuates itself, as children might imitate what the adults are doing (

Generally a negative experience and adverse conditions prevailing around will seriously influence a child and may make him similar person with similar character. Writing impositions for more than fifty times within a short time, which is physically not possible to complete, is a new type of punishment.

Sometimes students will be asked to complete the assigned writing work in kneel down position. A physical instructor who also happen to be a karate belt holder, uses his hard hand to severely injure the kid who do not follow the instructions. All these changes lead to breaking of relationship.

While playing or practicing drill with physical instructors, the punishments will be harsh and unbearable. Holding their ears with hands passed under the legs, 9. Ultimately it all leads to erosion of trust between teacher and a child or a parent and a child.

Kodandam means hanging errant boys upside down and thrashing. This is regardless of race, socio-economic status and regardless of whether the mother provides cognitive stimulation and emotional support.There are two schools of thought, one arguing for the need of taming the uncontrollable kids and the other for not using the cane at all, and the debate goes on in every meeting or workshop.School managers argue that some of the parents wanted them to beat the children to make them behave well.Every adult feels that he is having every right to discipline the child. Discipline is an attitude, character, responsibility or commitment. Prahlad learns to be democrat from dictatorial attitude of father Hiranya Kaship. Punishment may deter a child from repeating act of indiscipline to some extent, but it cannot improve his understanding of the subject or make him intelligent 'more' than 'his standard' earlier to the corporal punishment.The discipline is basically internal, while the attempt to impose it would be an external process. These incidents prove that discipline and education are participative learning processes. Resorting to scolding and reprimanding students as a prelude to inflict punishment is common at homes and schools and excess of which always bring in civil or criminal liability.If the anger is the reaction, an angry young man will take birth.