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He will keep on weaving lies, and this habit he will take with him until he grows into a mature adult.
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Amanda had come from money and excelled in making it.

She was a senior executive for a mining company and reveled in her (our) wealth.

I turned down the sound as she answered and informed her that depending on traffic I'd arrive late tomorrow afternoon.

A mature woman was getting fucked from behind on the TV and I absently loosened my hardening cock from my pants as I spoke to her, feeling an undeniable shame and also some excitement.

The night after my 35th birthday, my wife of 10 years presented me with a post dinner glass of scotch and divorce papers. The divorce on reflection shouldn't have been that much of a surprise either.

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As a boy she'd been the world to me and the love of my life, as a teen I grew aloof to her (possibly blaming her for the faults in my father, who I'll tell you now was a son of a bitch.) As an adult we'd just grown apart.Over dinner and a bottle of wine I told her about the break-up with Amanda and the reasons for me returning home.She told me she was sorry about the divorce and despite her testy relationship with my wife, I knew she meant it.When we got on to what my plans were, I was unsure.She told me that no matter what, I'd have a bed here and if the time came for me to move back out she'd be happy to help me find a place.Her (and by association, my) acquaintances were the elite of the corporate and entertainment world.