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Fans of the series will find a whole host of new things to love, and new players are sure to be hooked by those charming little islanders.Long after all the mysteries are solved you may find yourself revisiting your industrious little people to make sure they keep on thriving.Villagers who stay on task will accumulate knowledge, skill, speed, and expertise.

At the center of the story is the titular Tree of Life, a banyan tree that is near death.Virtual Villagers 4, like all the games in the series, runs in real time.That means even when the game is off, time is passing and events are happening.The magical plants and animals that make Isola such a welcoming place to live have begun to die off. Rather than being stuck with a randomly generated group, you get to customize an expedition party of five.Choose from a plethora of characters of different ages, genders, talents, and personality quirks. Create a thriving settlement using those five people while simultaneously investigating and solving the riddles of this new area of the island.The second settlement having gotten too big to sustain them, the villagers send out a scouting party that discovers ruins at the north end of the island, and learn much about the history of those who have gone before.