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It is possible that your body, your brain, and your reproductive system could all be different biological sexes, or in some cases, biologically one sex but as another sex. She has a fully functioning male reproductive system.

It seems crazy but it happens regularly on an ordinary statistical distribution so it is simply part of human reproduction. An example is the case of Riley Grant, who has been documented in the news. However, Riley’s brain didn’t develop as male during gestation and was mapped as female.

It was not originally intended for public consumption as its sole purpose is for me to understand how the various components are connected.

There was a news story about a 66 year old man who discovered, during a trip to the doctor, that he was really a woman.

There are at least six biological sexes that can result in fairly normal lifespans.

Again, just like my previous essay on religious beliefs manifesting through time, culture, and geographic distance, this is a work in progress that will change substantially by the time I stamp “concluded’ on it and feel as if I really have a handle on the subject matter.One study in Great Britain showed that 97 out of 100 people who were XYY had no idea.They thought they were a traditional male and had few signs otherwise.If you don’t have a biology or genetics education background, or never really took an interest in reproductive strategies of various animals and plants in nature, that might seem absurd, or even impossible. It’s far more common than the general population realizes.[mainbodyad]The points out that one of the first modern cases came from the 1936 Olympics, hosted by Adolf Hitler.The largest study documenting the extent of the differences between male and female brains was done by Dr.