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But - at least in my environment - it can be used for all relationships that might, but do not have to, end in marriage.

A while ago, a friend told me about his mother who had died 3 years ago, and how his 82-year old father started dating his neighbor recently, and he used the words "seit kurzem gehen Sie miteinander".

Disclaimer: All the observations about Dutch and American girls made below are based on people I’ve known personally or know.

Dutch girls believe that feminism involves the following: When the Dutch marry, they’ll often marry during the week to keep the costs down and make it a small affair with close friends and family.

Providing presents is usually optional but not expected.

Guntram already gave an answer of what you could call "dating" in Germany (and I'll also take his definition as a basis), which basically sums it up.Hence there might not be a very literal translation. I have been searching around and this seems to be a topic that has been brought up but no real answer has been given that I could find. @unor I can say that "dating" in America is often used as a term to describe the initial phases of getting to know someone.Like having coffee, dinner, or going somewhere together with the intent of gauging if there is mutual romantic interest.For example, if one person is introduced to another and they meet up once for coffee and once for dinner, but then decided to not continue.They would still be considered to have "dated" because they went on 2 dates.The wedding has to be the biggest and the best of all time, and she’ll happily go into debt to tell the world, “I’ve got the right man” Americans in general have the bloody cheek to create a wedding list of overpriced household appliances and other goodies, even being kind enough to list the shops where you can buy the items.