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“Equipment” means any equipment or accessories you purchase or lease from us or those provided by us for use in any manner in connection with your Services.For ease of reference, Services and Equipment provided by Windstream shall be referred to in this document collectively as “Services.” “Promotional Terms” mean terms that apply to special offers from time to time.

YOU WILL CONTINUE TO HAVE CERTAIN RIGHTS TO OBTAIN RELIEF FROM FEDERAL OR STATE AGENCIES. “You” or “Customer” means the person or entity that subscribes to Services or purchases or leases Equipment and anyone who accesses the Services and Equipment provided to you, except as specifically provided in Section 10 (Dispute Resolution) herein.You represent and warrant that the address you provide us to obtain Service is correct, and you acknowledge that we are relying on this information to determine which taxes, fees, or surcharges are applicable to your Service. In the event you do not provide us with a valid address or address change, you may be responsible for additional taxes, fees, surcharges, and penalties associated with failure to pay taxes based on the proper address, and we may terminate your Services.As a convenience to you, Company may include charges for third-party services on your monthly bill.If you cancel Services before installation, or we cannot install your Services for some reason, then we may refund the advanced payment.We will not refund any advanced payment made after installation of Services. If you are a business customer, and you terminate your order prior to the installation of Services, then you will be required to pay a pre-installation cancellation charge equal to the greater of (i) three (3) months of MRCs; or (ii) our costs to other providers.In the future, an additional deposit or advanced payment may be required if either the amount/number of Services is increased, you are late on payment or your credit rating changes.