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“Have you ever seen those commercials for African charities? “Yes.” “When they show images of the starving African children, have you noticed that they are always bald?

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According to Behrendt - a self-confessed former 'bad boy' who is now happily married - men are not complicated (though they'd like you to think they are). If he keeps giving reasons for not committing to you - or you're making excuses for his bad behaviour - the truth is probably that he's just not that into you. Here's the truth: men don't mind messing up a friendship if it could lead to sex. Dating dilemmas: Scarlett Johansson and Drew Barrymore are looking for love in the film He's Just Not That Into You In it, the writers behind Sex And The City, Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo, give the straight answers about men's behaviour that they say all smart women need to hear. He might be nervous about turning the friendship into romance. And if your dinner/date did feel different to him, it's been two weeks and he's had time to think about it and decide he's just not that into you.I recommend the book, but don't waste your money with the ebook.

It's a dilemma that puzzles women around the world. Why do others never call - even when they're adamant that they will? He's Just Not That Into You author Greg Behrendt says men don't worry about sex ruining a friendship Dear Friendly Girl, Should you be a pal and give him a nudge?Some of my female friends were gushing about this book and suggested I read it.They forgot to mention that it was written for women. Still, there are a few things in the book that are applicable to guys if you are willing to extrapolate.I read it with a fairly critical and skeptical eye, given that I don't have much use for dating tips at this point in my life.However, this book offers some very important advice that applies to both dating and life in general, and it's advice that many people have a hard time taking.If you don't think you gave him enough time to notice you, take the time it took you to notice him and halve it - that's how long it takes a man to decide if he's interested in you. I hate thinking that I will never ever hear from him again.