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There is a large double-ring towards the centre of the field, which has been thought to be a burial mound of two separate phases, the larger ring showing that n originally small mound was subsequently enlarged.Between the concentric rings is an area of high resistance, suggesting to the geophysicists that there had been a ‘kerb’ of stones around the earlier, smaller barrow.The finds give valuable dating evidence, as linen was introduced during the Neolithic ( 4000 – 2500 BC), metal tools around 2500 BC and flint fell out of regular use around 1400 BC.

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This would make the monument a Class Ia henge with internal post setting and two ditches.Bronze Age remains – other than burials – are uncommon in Britain and often appear to occur in isolation.At Baldock, for instance, a number of Bronze Age pits have been found with little evidence for associated settlement or burial.They exist as individual monuments without obviously associated landscape features.This is what makes the Norton example so interesting: the ‘track’ is evidently aligned on the entrance, making it a formal approach to a ritual monument, so we can perhaps think of it in terms of a processional way.There has already been some fieldwalking around this area, carried out in October 2007, but it would be useful to do a systematic coverage of the whole field. Some prehistorians have associated henges with élites, which seems reasonable enough, and it may be that the Itford Hill type enclosures seen to the north-west of the possible henge were where they lived.