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The transfer to other kinds of easy progress dates from the second half of the 1900s. The Rowes have pulled their son out of school for fear of him seeing another boy in a dress.A teacher is believed to have been burned alive while her pupils were forced to watch as Taliban gunmen stormed a school in Pakistan in an apparent revenge attack for Malala Yousafzai winning the Nobel Peace Prize.The massacre was also said to be an act of revenge against the Pakistani army, which has been attempting to suppress the Pakistani Taliban in their north Waziristan tribal homelands over the past few months.Citing "gender confusion" – a phrase beloved of organisations like the Core Issues trust (you might remember Mike Davidson's slot on GMB last week) – Sally suggests that things should happen "in private with experts". I feel patronising pointing it out, but we live in public, so gender is by definition public.If the child is consulting with medical professionals, then doubtless these consultations do happen in private. In amongst the various rhetorical cliches regurgitated by the Rowes this morning was that of the "agenda": "The point is we're in a public space, we're in a school here where you have children from different families and we just don't believe that's the environment where this agenda should be pushed." Again I hesitate to point out the blindingly obvious, but the implication that somehow a six year-old is motivated by some sort of conspiratorial agenda is barely worth contemplating.

I think it's quite important to note in this case that this particular outpouring of parental dismay has been triggered specifically by the fact that someone who had been presenting as a boy had begun (albeit intermittently) to present as a girl.It's as simple as that – as Nigel eloquently remarked, "it's inconsistent, for starters". for the welfare of all the children, we're worried that it's going to cause confusion".It strikes me that the solution here really is quite simple given there are so many resources out there to help people learn more about gender (I'm thinking especially of some of the resources provided by charities like Mermaids).I don't know anything about the particular child in this case.The parents may well be in consultation with medical professionals or charities, but it's important to bear in mind too that if for instance I wanted to wear a skirt to work tomorrow, no medical consultation would be required – Sally and Nigel are assuming quite a lot in this case.You can select one of these chat types and you can meet with a random person from different countries.