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Jenga is such an easy playing game and it gives the thrill of faster paced games (it could fall at any time!

) but you can still carry on a relaxed conversation as you play. Here’s what you’ll need to make your own: Start by marking out your two by fours a hair over 10.5″.

I’ve been dealing with some serious Pinterest envy over massive Jenga games and other back yard games for a while now.

I decided that it had to happen as soon as we possibly could and when I mentioned it to Shane, he not only loved the idea but suggested we make a whole suite of DIY yard games.

You could also choose to leave your wood natural and skip this step.It will slowly get more wobbly and difficult to remove pieces as you go. ) they had only played where they stand the dominoes up and make a long trail that collapses (also fun).When the tower topples, that player is the ‘loser’ but really, the toppling is the best part! If you have never played ‘real’ dominoes either, you can find the Basic Rules here, but there are 101 games to play with them. Here’s what you’ll need to make your own DIY giant dominoes: Start by marking and cutting your 1×6 boards in 1 foot pieces. Although they don’t need to slide (like the Jenga pieces) sanding is still good to have a smooth surface, and help the stain penetrate more evenly. You could choose to leave your dominoes natural colour, or you could choose to stain them as I did.So far we’ve made five but we have plans to make a few more later this summer as well.Since making them last week (*ahem, finishing them right before our barbecue*), Shane’s work has already called dibs on them for their summer work party.When that’s all dry, you can go ahead and apply Minwax Finishing Paste.