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In order to avoid various misunderstandings and awkward situations, it is best to know what you’re telling someone with the way you hug that person. Some are born leaders of their own lives, while others sometimes feel like they are watching a show they aren’t a part of.

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Here at Kmazing, we enjoy this genre a lil bit more than the other, and also it’s rare to see drama that have zero romance nowadays so almost all Korean drama can be categorized as romantic drama.

But even so, not all dramas that have romance will interest me.

Chennai: Multilingual film 'For Adults Only', which was promoted as India's boldest and dirtiest film, has been shelved as its director Faisal Saif believes Indian audiences are not yet ready for such a film.

"I don't think India is ready for such a bold and dirty film.

The school has played a critical role in providing the opportunities, encouragement and guidance in moulding their upbringing.

I am proud that my children study in one of the top schools, NPS Indiranagar, in Bangalore.I’ve watched a lot of romantic Korean dramas, and many were very good. Romantic Korean dramas also made me addicted to continue looking for another romantic Dramas. For me, I won’t watch Korean Drama that has no romance in it. Because I think a drama without romance will tastes empty.The complete relatable emotion is one of the perk of romantic television series.The years spent at National Public School, Indiranagar have helped her metamorphose from a shy, awkward young student to a confident, competent and resilient adult- her armour replete with skills to face the challenges of life.