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Dopamine is released by naturally rewarding experiences such as food and sex.This pre-programmed reward system makes sure that people do eat, do desire to procreate, and basically survive.So some of the dopamine may not be able to find a receptor.When all the dopamine receptors are full, the remaining dopamine that didn't find a receptor is normally recycled.Many potential romances begin and end with the first date.The "date" usually involved some activity where both parties can get to know eachother by exchanging personal stories, comparing likes and dislikes and sharing a common experience, such as a movie, concert or a meal.They were then given L-DOPA or a placebo (fake pill) and asked to imagine enjoying a holiday in those destinations.The following day participants had to pick between a series of paired destinations that they had initially assigned with equal ratings, one member of the pair was imagined under L-DOPA the day before and the other under placebo.

It all has to do with a neurotransmitter called dopamine.

Without enough dopamine, people feel the opposite of enjoyment and motivation -- they feel fatigued and depressed, and experience a lack of drive and motivation.

Brain chemicals, including dopamine, are stored in cells, which you can think of like barrels full of that chemical.

Finally, they rated the full set of 80 destinations again.

Ratings for particular destinations increased after they were imagined under L-DOPA's influence.