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After news of possible corruption emerged between the Clinton Global Initiative and Kleeb, supposedly that led to Sanders’ cronies pressuring Rich to leak what was going on.Rich was a data analyst, so it is very possible he could have had access to the DNC’s emails.Snopes, the left-leaning internet myth debunker, labels the Clinton body count as false.However, the main site that hosts a list of the Clinton body count reports that is constantly under attack by hackers of Hillary’s.Many murders go unsolved, including several of the strange deaths of people associated with the Clintons.

Some — including Bernie Sanders supporters — suspect the Clintons were behind the deaths, just more episodes in the alleged “Clinton body count” dating back to the 1990s.

near his affluent neighborhood, while he was reportedly walking home from his girlfriend’s apartment.

Police still have no suspects, witnesses or motive.

In the video, he can be seen grinning, happy to do it.

On August 2, he was found lying on the bathroom floor dead by his girlfriend when she came home that evening. John Ashe The former President of the United Nations General Assembly, John Ashe, mysteriously passed away on June 22, a few days before he was scheduled to begin pretrial meetings involving shady financial dealings regarding a former Clinton crony.