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Illegible script, illegible signature: a deliberate attempt to create an aura of mystery and enigma around the writer, who enjoys the idea of being difficult to know.They do not want you to know what they are really thinking!If the signature is smaller than the script, the writer does not expect recognition of their worth.It may be this is a deliberate holding back, a defensive posture.If it is the same size as the script it shows someone with a knowledge of, and acceptance of, how he or she is perceived.When this person is in public, they do not put on an act. And it says more about you than any other set of letters. It commits you to, say, repay a debt, that what you state on your tax form is correct, that you support the views expressed in a letter — it is used to help enforce the law. It represents you on important documents, on mes­sages to friends: it is your mark of promise, your bond.

This may imply a high degree of self-motivation and disregard for what people think, but is more likely to be a sign of low self-confidence.

The meaning of the differences is explained on this webpage.

The larger the signature, the greater the writer’s self esteem, and expectation that this should be recognised.

A first name more legible than the surname reveals a more approachable, direct person who will make a great effort to be friendly.

Complete legibility shows open and straightforward social attitudes. Legible script, illegible signature: the writer feels what is said is of more importance than his or her true identity, and is hiding his or her true self.